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Little People, Big World's Amy Roloff Tearfully Opens Up About Her Mom's Death

Amy Roloff opens with one of the most loved people in her life, her late mother.

Last September, Patricia Knight, the mother of Little People's star Big World, died at the age of 86, a few months after being admitted to hospital.55-year-old Amy said at the time: "I am so sad about my mother's death, but comforted by all the memories I have and by the fact that she lived a long and happy life with my father.

In Tuesday's episode of the reality show TLC, Amy remembers her mother's death and shares, "I've received some very sad news: My mother has passed away."

"My mom was 86 and she passed away before my parents celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary and, you know, she just had some health issues.Eventually they found out it was her heart.So her heart started to give out.

"I want to go to Michigan about three days before the memorial service, so I'm going to leave right after the dance," says Amy, who adds, "I'm definitely going to miss pumpkin season.

Thankfully, Amy has been able to spend time with her parents and loved ones, including her children (she shares twins Jeremy and Zach, 29, daughter Molly, 26, and son Jacob, 23, with ex-husband Matt Roloff) and grandchildren, during her recent summer vacation.

"Last summer was probably one of the best vacations I've ever had because all my kids were there, my grandchildren were there and I was very, very happy that my mom got to see her great-grandchildren, which is what she always wanted," recalls Amy, "She always wanted to brag, like all her other friends, that, 'Yeah, I got to see my great-grandchildren and I have them.

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While Amy is grateful for more than 50 years of love and life with her mother, she wished she had had more time with the matriarch of the family during her adult years.

"Would I like to have more time with her as an adult? Yes, I wish she could see my children, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren a little more often," says Amy.

Heartbreakingly, Amy says the loss of her mother has made her reflect on her own life.

"I think it's just a reminder of my own life, with all the changes that are happening in my life," she says, movingly, "it was just a lot."

Amy, who got engaged to Chris Marek less than two weeks before her mother's death, admits that she is experiencing "a lot of mixed emotions".

"And, you know, a lot of them are happy, that's all," she said."A lot of them are happy, so it's hard to grieve one moment and be happy the next."

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In an exclusive statement to the PEOPLE on September 30th, Amy confirmed Knight's death.

"I am so sad about my mom's death, but comforted by all the memories I have and the fact that she lived a long and happy life with my dad," she says, "she was a great mom.Thank you for all your condolences and wishes.Life is a gift, enjoy every moment of every day.

Last June, the mother of four told her followers on Instagram that she was returning to her home state of Michigan to spend time with her parents after her mother was admitted to the hospital.

During the trip, she shared a smiling picture of herself and her 90-year-old father at the dinner table after visiting Knight at the medical centre.

"I wish it was for other reasons than my mother's hospitalization, I love coming home to Michigan," she writes, "After visiting my mother in the hospital, I made dinner for my father! He enjoyed it and I loved making it for him."

The next day, Amy said she was waiting to see if Knight could go home.

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"I'm so glad I came home and was able to visit my mom and dad.I'm waiting to see if she's coming home today," she wrote as she looked at a picture of herself outside her parents' home in Michigan.

"Her heart is weak and she tires easily, but her mind is sharp," said the star of TLC about her mother, "the transition from slowing down to not doing everything she would like to do will be difficult.You just have to enjoy the moments, what she can do and the days ahead."

Little People, Big World airs Tuesday (9 p.m.) on TLC.

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